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  Apprentice Scholarship Application

The Association of Women Contractors (AWC) is providing two types of scholarships for outstanding FEMALES.
This is the apprentice scholarship information.

    Apprentice scholarships - female apprentice level workers. Open to:
     * females currently working as a registered apprentice or graduating their trade
      or training program spring of 2022 and will be starting as an apprentice and

     * a Minnesota resident.

The authorized distribution for new awards is determined annually based on the amount of funds raised. Recipients will be selected based on several factors: work experience, activities, goals, and financial need.

Applications must be received online or postmarked by April 30, 2022. All eligible applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee.

All applicants will be notified by May 30, 2022. Not all applicants will be selected as recipients. The award is not renewable; however, you may reapply to the program if you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

All award checks will be issued by The Association of Women Contractors. All recipients are encouraged to attend the award ceremony and assist during our golf fundraising event. This year the event is June 17, 2022, at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids, MN.

Apprenticeship Scholarship is made payable to the recipient directly in two payments. Apprenticeship recipients will receive 50% of their scholarship at Scholarship Award Ceremony or via mail. The remaining 50% will be sent to recipient December 30, 2022, provided recipient remains in the apprentice program.

The Association of Women Contractors reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures of this scholarship program and to make changes at any time, including termination of the program.



*Last Name
*First Name
*Middle Initial

*Home Mailing Address
Apt #

*Email Address
*Telephone Number


*Trade Union Name

*Expected/Actual start (mo/yyyy)    
*Expected/Actual completion (mo/yyyy)

*# of apprenticeship hours completed    
*# of apprenticeship hours remaining

List your paid work experience for the past two years.
Name of company
Employ Length(mo/yy-mo/yy)
Roles and Responsibilities
# of hours/week
 |   | 

List all of your school and/or community activities and honors for the past four years.
Activity Name
# of Years
Honors or Accomplishments
 |   | 


Please describe your short and long-term career goals and why you chose your selected area of study.
* Note: This is limited to 5000 characters

If applicant is claimed as a dependent on a parent/guardian tax return, the PARENT/GUARDIAN must complete this portion of the application. If applicant cannot be claimed as a dependent on parent/guardian tax return, she must complete this portion as SELF using applicant's information. Adjusted gross income should be reported from the most recently filed US tax return.

*Financial Type

*Adjusted Gross Income (Form 1040 - line 37; Form 1040EZ - line 4; Form 1040A - line 21)
*Total number of family members, including applicant, supported by the above income

*Describe Financial Resources and needs(scholarships,loans,family contribution, hardships, etc.) below
* Note: This is limited to 5000 characters

   *Upload official letter from the union showing apprenticeship enrollment and current hours (10MB or smaller)
   *Note: Reselection is needed if there are validation errors of any kind
Please upload your official letter from the union

   Upload Transcript from School(10MB or smaller)
   *Note: Reselection is needed if there are validation errors of any kind
Please upload your transcript from your school if you graduated within the past 5 years

Note: You will see a confirmation page and receive an email notification if your application was submitted successfully

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