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  2020 Women's Getaway

10/02/2020 @ 03:00PM To 10/04/2020 @ 11:00AM

Join us for a condensed version of the AWC Women's Retreat. This year we will be having a "2020 Getaway" filled with fun, team-building, and relaxation. The event will be limited to 20 attendees. This year there will be no formal education component or any restaurant group outings due to COVID-19 restrictions. You registration price is at cost for the units. Meals will be provided by all attendees and a planning session will occur prior to the event.

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The Association of Women Contractors strictly prohibits the use of illegal substances during this event. If an attendee is found with or using illegal substances they will be asked to leave the event and will receive no refunds.

I understand that I am responsible for minimizing COVID-19 spread and if I exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and may be at risk I will NOT attend the retreat.

I understand that my registration is non refundable after September 10, 2020 unless a replacement for my spot can be filled.

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